1998 Autumn Aged Anxi Tieguanyin - Aged Buhdda


This limited 1998 harvest of aged Tieguanyin is fed by sweet mountain springs and grows on the cloud-enveloped peaks of Anxi. It stands out as unique from the others because the leaves were hand-processed using traditional Oolong Revival style, where one end of leaf is slightly curled and the other is extended. The shape is as a ‘dragonfly’. These leaves were turned and fluffed three times the normal standard for modern Tieguanyin.


The result of this unique processing and the 20 years of age creates a mild shu pu’er-like earthy and floral flavor most similar to the clean fermentation of Xingyang shu pu’ers. It has the foresty richness of shu pu’er but the sweet , milky and caramel aftertaste of oolong.


(Some Photos credits go to our tea farmers)

1998 Autumn Aged Anxi Tieguanyin - Aged Buddha

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  • Origin: Daping Village Anxi, Fujian, China


    Date of Pick: 1998 Autumn


    Altitude: 1100m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 leaf / 2 leaf


    Taste: Smooth and full taste, with a mild roasting aroma and a strong sense of orchid flower.The sweet aftertaste and aroma lasts long in your mouth.


    Tea Bush : C. sinensis cv. Tieguanyin


    Caffeine: Moderate caffeine (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)