2005 Monk Lao Ban Zhang Old Tree Raw Puerh ( Spring )


We got this Lao Ban Zhang when we visit a temple in Yunnan Ban Zhang Village. That temple has their own little secret tea garden at the back side of the hill. This “Lao Ban Zhang Teacake” is made in 2005 and made with mostly leaves rather than buds. We were surprised to hear about that. This resulted in a greater astriengency. We were told that in Buddha path, they look for simplicity and the bitterness they take it as a austerity and suffering. They make use of this to help enlighten themselve to find peace and truth of the world (悟道). We visited those old trees in that secret tea garden, no one knows how old they are but they have been there watching the people since long enough.


We apologize for the unperfect packing of this cakes, but this truely reflects the Monks look for something that we might have neglected for long. Simplicity and peace. This cakes has just entered it mid age as a raw Puerh. It is surprisingly smooth and hint of fruity flavour. The bitterness surge up quick and does not last long, left with a mellow and nutty flavour on palate. You throat is as if coated with a bittersweet sugar. We would say this cake had a bad temper when it was freshly pressed, the strong astringency has now been turned into a mature , mellow and sweet flavour by time.


When comparing with our 2014 Craftedleaf Handmade Ban Zhang Ancient Raw Puerh, this cake is milder in cha qi but it offers a different perception of Lao Ban Zhang. For people who is looking for strong cha qi puerh, this may not be the best choice but it is perfect for a milder and mature taste. Meanwhile, you can peep into the monks' life through this tea.

2005 Enlightenment Lao Ban Zhang Raw Puerh

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  • Origin: Lao Ban Zhang , Mengku , Yunnan


    Date of Pick: 2005 Spring


    Elevation : 1200m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 / 2 leaf


    Taste: In the first few steeps. It is surprisingly smooth and hint of fruity flavour. The bitterness surge up quick and does not last long, left with a mellow and nutty flavour on palate. As if the throat is coated with a bittersweet sugar. It is mature , mellow with thick tecture.


    Net Weight : 357 g


    Tea Bush : Ban Zhang Wild Ancient Arbor material ( no record of age)


    Caffeine: Medium caffeine (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)

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