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2012 Top Grade Fuding Aged White Tea Cake - Aged Berry


This white tea cake comes from the same tea farm as our 2008 Premium Fuding Aged White Tea (Shou Mei) The raw leaves for this white tea cake were picked in one of the core areas of white tea production in Waizha village, known locally as Chaitou Mountain, Fuding.  Same as other white teas, only sundrying is involved making in order to maintain the most original taste of the leaves from the supreme eco environment.


Time is the perfect crafter of this tea. Upon drinking, the liquid is thick, and very smooth. It carries a very delightful berry flavor and finish with a mature mineral note, autumn leaf (not earthy nor woody). This white cake has the strongest berry note as we have come across so far.


Looking forward to its taste after a few more years of aging. This white tea is most suitable for people who like a brisk and refreshing flavour and at the same time interested in exploring the mature mellow taste in white tea.

2012 Top Grade Fuding Aged White Tea Cake - Aged Berry

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  • Origin: Bailin Town, Fuding City, Fujian

    Date of Pick: 2012 Spring


    Elevation : 1300m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud :  2/ 3 leaf


    Taste: Upon drinking, the liquid is sweet, thick, and very smooth. It is made to quench thirsty and did really good when served cold. It carries a mild grape and floral aroma. It can withstand loong steeping without astringency or bitterness. It finishes with a is delightfully sweet aftertaste.


    Net Weight : 375 g

    Tea Bush : Fuding Dabaihao

    Caffeine: Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)

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