2019 Spring Xin YangMao Jian


This spring-picked Xinyang Maojian is produced in Xinyang County of the Henan province, and is widely regarded as one of China’s top ten teas with its distinct color and flavor. This lovely green tea opens up with a light grassy vegetal flavor, savory up front with a rich fried bean sweetness that lingers afterwards and then deepens in later steeps.


It’s a surprisingly bold taste for a green, and the dry leaves are long and thin, with downy silver buds in between This beautiful tea provides a superb retreat from the troubles of life or simply a moment of relaxation on a clear afternoon.

2019 Spring Xin Yang Mao Jian

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  • Origin:  Dong Jia He, Xinyang City, Henan Province, China


    Date of Pick: 2019 Spring


    Altitude: 1000m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 leaf


    Taste: It opens up with a light grassy vegetal flavor, savory up front with a rich fried bean aftertaste with slight hint of floral & nutty long-lasting aftertaste that lingers afterwards and  deepens in later steeps


    Tea Bush : C.sinensis cv.Xinyang10


    Caffeine: Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)


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