2020 Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong


Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is known as Cai Cha Lapsang Souchong by the local people. You might assume that all lapsang souchong teas have a bitter, smoky taste, as long as you have some knowledge of the traditional pine-tree drying process used to make it; this time, however, since this is both a high-quality and semi-wild tea, this particular type has amazing unique characters and no hint of bitterness in its flavor.


Unlike other wild teas,this golden tip lapsang souchong gives off a strong dried orchid & longan aroma and also with a light but smooth dark chocolate base note without any astringency. The mellow taste, and reddish golden liquid brought out by the traditional rolling process all contribute to its exotic and unique flavor. Once you drink this tea, you will never forget about it.

2020 Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong - Unsmoked

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  • Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, China


    Date of Pick: 2020 Spring


    Altitude: 1200m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 leaf 


    Taste: Strong flavor of  logan & dark chocolate aroma,smooth and rich mouthfeel,leaving an impression of sweet caramel taste.


    Tea Bush : Wild Caicha


    Caffeine: Less than 30% of a cup of coffee