2020 Spring Premium Yingde No. 9 Black Tea - Queen's Hero


The modern tea industry in Yingde began in 1955, when the famous domestic tea plant variety-Yunnan Dayezhongcha was successfully tested; in 1959, Yingde black tea was successfully trial-produced with Yunnan Dayezhongcha. Since its introduction, Yingde black tea has been known as the three major black teas in China for its well-proportioned and beautiful size, black and ruddy color, red and bright soup color, and rich and pure aroma.

Yinghong No. 9 is the best of Yingde black tea. It is a high-flavor black tea variety selected and cultivated by the Tea Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences from a number of high-flavor tea varieties introduced. The black tea processed with its fresh leaves is of high quality. The Queen of England also served Yinghong No. 9 to VIP guests at a grand banquet.


The taste is mellow with a mix of fruity sweet and refreshing. It also shows a light milky fragrance which is lasting. This Hero 9 displays a very well balance a sweetness and unique fragrance. This makes it a perfect daily tea.


2020 Spring Premium Yingde No. 9 Black Tea - Queen's Hero

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    Origin: Mengyou Town, Fengqing County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, China


    Date of Pick: 2020 Spring


    Altitude: 1500m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud or 1 bud : 1 leaf


    Taste: It shows a much richer mineral note than our Delux Golden Needle Dian Hong & Superfine Golden Tip Dian Hong. It is strong in chai chi and honey note


    Tea Bush: Fengqing large-leaf tea bush species


    Caffeine: Less than 30% of a cup of coffee