2021 Spring Dark Forest Keemun


Rated as the best of Chinese black teas, Keemun is an absolute delight to drink. This Dark Forest Qimen represents the highest quality of Qimen tea and it undergoes 2 processes of roasting which creates a rich and thick chocolate and malty aroma but a floral aftertaste. The charcoal and dark chocolate flavor linger in mouth which makes it the best drinks in the cold winter.



2021 Spring Dark Forest Keemun - Smoked

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  • Origin: Qimen County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China


    Date of Pick: 2021 Spring


    Altitude: 1100m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 leaf 


    Taste: A rich and crisp roasted chocolate and malty aroma but a floral aftertaste.


    Tea Bush : C. sinensis cv. Keemun Zhuye


    Caffeine: less than 40% of a cup of coffee