CraftedLeaf Tea Lollipops Gift Set - Pure Happiness


What bring you back to the childhood memory? When we were a kid , having a lollipop would bring us a big smile for the whole day ,  jumping around the tea tree forest.


When we grow up, we finally have a deeper understanding and appreciation for Tea.

We grow tea, process tea and make connection with different Tea Lovers around the world.


One day, we have a thought about linking the sweet childhood happiness with the our mature appreciation and enjoyment with Tea. We therefore created this series of Tea Lollilpop and name it "Pure Happiness". It is not of Michelin difficulty but we have tried dozens of recipes to perfect the balance of sweetness and the delicate taste of our premium tea leaves.


They are completely natural , without any artificial flavouring nor coloring.  Created from pure tea leaves , sugar & spring water. The nuttiness, mellowness and bittersweet of the tea will just burst out in your mouth.


We hope this gift would bring a pure joy to all Tea Lovers.

Now prepare to Lick , Suck & Sip.


Each pack includes 6 / 12 lollipops of 6 flavours:



2020 Spring Xin Yang Mao Jian - Umami Bomb



2020 Spring Organic Wild Baimudan



2020 Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong - Unsmoked



2020 Spring Song Dynasty Old Bush Milan Dancong Oolong

2020 Spring Premium Anxi Tieguanyin - Goddess of Mercy


Raw Puerh:

2013 Jing Mai Wild Arbor Raw Puerh - Bitter Honey

CraftedLeaf Tea Lollipops Gift Set - Pure Happiness

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  • Natural Tea Leaves , White Sugar , Corn Syrup ,  Spring Water , Icing Sugar .


    Pack Size : 6 / 12 Lollipops ( Net ~ 90 / 180 g )


    Flavours : 6 Flavors ( Green , White , Black , Oolong & Raw Puerh Teas )