2018 Spring Organic Alishan Oolong 


This classic, traditional style oolong tea comes from Dong Ding Mountain in Taiwan. Handpicking the best buds and leaves for this tea is mostly done by hand in winter. The low temperature allows the minerals to be stored up in the leaves. It is medium-roasted that undergoes repeated slow roasting over a period of days. The result is a tea with a robust flavor and notes of roasted barley, caramel and baked plum. One of the special characteristics of roasted Dong Ding is a lingering sweetness, rich floral and milky aroma, and golden liquor.

2018 Spring Alishan Oolong

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  • Origin: Taiwan


    Date of Pick: 2018 Spring


    Altitude: 1700m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 or 2 leaf


    Taste: Pure and mild, smooth and soft; with a light fragrance of gardenia and milk,feels smooth going down to the throat, with long-lasting sweet caramel and baked plum aftertaste


    Tea Bush : C.sinensis cv.Taicha 12 (also named Jinxuan species nowadays


    Caffeine: Moderate caffeine (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)