Pandora Christmas Gift Box


This luxurious Pandora Gift Box is a selection of Craftedleaf signature gourmet teas. you'll find something to delight your beloved ones.


Each pack includes:


1 x net 15g of Rose Tea

2 x net 25g of honey made from wild tea flowers in Yunnan.

2 x net 25g of Craftedleaf Curated Teas (Please select any 2 from below)

1 x Gold Honey Spoon

1 x Gift Bag


Let's get your Tea Gift Box now!


Feel free to choose Any 2 teas from below !~



2020 Spring West Lake Dragon Well - Bite of Dragon

2020 Spring Dong Ting Lake Biluochun - Green Snail



2020 Spring Pre Ching Ming Organic Premium Fuding Silver Needle

2020 Spring Pre Ching Ming Divine Mother Bush Baimudan



2020 Spring Premium Wuyi Dahongpao - Unsmoked (Silk Robe)

2020 Spring Award Winning Ya Shi Xiang (DuckPooh) Dancong Oolong - Duck King

2020 Spring Song Dynasty Old Bush Milan Dancong Oolong

2020 Spring Premium Anxi Tieguanyin - Goddess of Mercy

1998 Autumn Aged Anxi Tieguanyin - Aged Buddha



2020 Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong - Unsmoked

2020 Spring Delux Golden Needle Dian Hong - Bumble Bee


Raw Puerh:

2017 Ba Da Shan Wild Tree Raw Puerh

2013 Jing Mai Wild Arbor Raw Puerh - Bitter Honey


Ripe Puerh:

2008 Spring Ripe Puerh Stuffed Mandarin

2000 Spring Aged Yunnan Imperial Puerh


Pandora Gift Box

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