2018 Spring Chrysanthemum Bud Menghai Ripe Pu-erh


Combining with Menghai Ripe Pu-erh, chrysanthemum not only creates a richer taste and fragrance, but also contributes to good health benefits.


After brewing, the aroma of this tea is very pleasant and it carries a smooth, sweet taste, with every steep giving a slightly different scent and flavor: the chrysanthemum taste is most prominent in the first three steeps, while after that, the sweet nutty and honey flavor of the Menghai Ripe Pu-erh starts to ooze out. The fruity taste grows in strength, and the taste of the leaves themselves quickly dominates. If you brew in a cup rather than a gaiwan, though, this tea can be brewed all day long

2018 Spring Chrysanthemum Bud Menghai Ripe Pu-erh

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