2020 SpringPremium Jasmine Silver Bud


This tea is made of one bud with one leaf from Yunnan tea trees, which after rolling are scented with fresh budding jasmine flowers. Unlike other jasmine-scented teas, this one has a special step in which the flowers themselves are added to the tea following scenting, providing a lovely decoration and adding to the ornamental value of the tea.


Because of this, this particular tea is well-suited to brewing in a glass cup: the aroma of the leaves and jasmine flowers flow up from the liquid, the leaves themselves dancing within the cup while the jasmine slowly floats to the surface, and gradually becomes transparent like melting snow. The tea liquid is very sweet and has mouth-watering afterwards.

Spring Premium Jasmine Silver Bud Teabags

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  • Origin: Mt. Taimu, Fuding City, Fujian Province, China


    Date of Pick: 2021 Spring


    Weight: Net 3 g x 10 teabags

                   or 3 g x 20 teabags 


    Taste: Sweet, refreshing mix of strong jasmine fragrance and fresh green tea fragrance. Long-lasting hint of pearl sweetness aftertaste


    Caffeine: Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)