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CraftedLeaf Handmade Tea Candy


Thinking of a tea gift for your beloved ones? Here comes a good news for all our sweet tooth tea friends! These tea candies are completely natural , without any artificial flavouring nor coloring.  Created from pure tea leaves , sugar & spring water. The nuttiness, mellowness and bittersweet of the tea will just burst out in your mouth.


We hope this gift would bring a pure joy to all Tea Lovers.


We also have tea lollipops!!

CraftedLeaf Handmade Tea Lollipops


6 flavours available:



Spring Xin Yang Mao Jian - Umami Bomb



Spring Organic Wild Baimudan



Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong - Unsmoked



Spring Song Dynasty Old Bush Milan Dancong Oolong

Spring Premium Anxi Tieguanyin - Goddess of Mercy


Raw Puerh:

2013 Jing Mai Wild Arbor Raw Puerh - Bitter Honey


CraftedLeaf Handmade Tea Candy

SKU: twgift010
  • Natural Tea Leaves , White Sugar , Corn Syrup ,  Spring Water , Icing Sugar .


    Pack Size : Net ~ 80 g 


    Flavours : 6 Flavors ( Green , White , Black , Oolong & Raw Puerh Teas )


    Shape : Heart