Wedding Gift Box A17 (Please contact us for exact quotation)


A small gift in return is a gift from a couple to relatives and friends at a wedding reception. If you want to prepare a unique and practical gift, a health tea bag is definitely your best choice.


The gift set offers more than 20 Chinese and Western tea and more than 20 gift boxes to choose from. Whether it's a Chinese traditional or Western-style wedding reception, the good tea gift set makes every detail of your big day more perfect


Each gift set includes:


1 x  Selected Loose Leaf Teabags (3g)


or 1 x Mini Teacake (6-7g) for specific Puerhs


or 1 x  Floral Tea Teabags (6g)


or 1 x CraftedLeaf Handmade Tea Candy (10g)


USD $2.5 for 30 - 100 sets (any kind of teas)

USD $2.3 for 101 - 200 sets (any kind of teas)

USD $2 for > 200 sets (any kinds of teas)


Mini Order is 30 sets


Let's get your Tea Gift Box for your wedding to surprise your teahead friends!!


Feel free to choose Any teas from below !~

( Feel free to contact us if your choice of tea is not on the list below.

We can tailor make the combination which you love the most! )


* Please note that customer will be responsible for the shipping (We will send the quotes from our courier)


Teabag :



Spring West Lake Dragon Well - Bite of Dragon- teabags x 3 g

Spring Dong Ting Lake Biluochun - teabags x 3 g



Spring Pre Ching Ming Organic Premium Fuding Silver Needle - teabags x 3 g

Premium Spring Pre-Ching Ming Organic Wild Baimudan - teabags x 3 g



Spring Premium Wuyi Dahongpao - Unsmoked (Silk Robe) - teabags x 3 g

Spring Award Winning Ya Shi Xiang (DuckPooh) Dancong Oolong - teabags x 3 g



Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong - Unsmoked - teabags x 3 g

Spring Delux Golden Needle Dian Hong - Bumble Bee - teabags x 3 g



2017 Jing Mai Wild Arbor Raw Puerh - Bitter Honey - teabags x 3 g

2018 Iceland Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh - teabags x 3 g


Puerh Mini Cake :


2017 Lao Ban Zhang Raw Puerh Mini Cake (7g) - Mini Me - Mini Cake x 7 g

2018 Menghai Raw Puerh Mini Cake (7g) - True Taste - Mini Cake x 7 g


Floral Tea:

Redartful Plum Tea (Whitening) - teabags x 6 g

Lily Rose Tea (Skin Beauty) - teabags x 6 g

Gauva Wolfberry Tea (Antioxidant) - teabags x 6 g

Roselle Black Wolfberry Tea (Detoxification) - teabags x 6 g

Bless of Golden Flower Tea (Boost Metabolism) - teabags x 6 g

Hearts in Atlantis Tea (Internal Balance) - teabags x 6 g

Lavender Eden Tea (Alleviate Stress) - teabags x 6 g


Tea Candy :

Craftedleaf Handmade Tea Candy - Heart Shape

Wedding Gift Box 17

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