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The Smell of Spring - Jasmine Pearl


The plain, neat jasmine is representative of deeply rooted romantic love in many countries, the jasmine flower tea scented by which letting a person fondle admiringly with its refreshing taste and silky faint fragrance.

Producing Area and Environment

The main producing areas of jasmine in China are Heng county in Guangxi, Fuzhou in Fujian, as well as Suzhou in Jiangsu Province.Jasmine is a thermophilic sunny habitat, suitable to grow in humid regions. It draws its unique fragrance and taste from the area with abundant sunlight and apple climate around 20℃~40℃.

Fuzhou is a low-lying area and belongs to the typical basin in estuary, surrounded by mountains with 600~1000 meters. This region experiences short daylight hours with thick clouds and mist, perfect for growing tea. The flood plain in the center of basin contains sandy loam soil, and the rich, natural environment leads to fertile soil, adequate water, in addition to temperature here between day and night vary greatly that result in high-quality jasmine.


Scenting process begins with picking high quality spring tea, then laying them flat on the scenting floor. A layer of tea alternates with a layer of flower up to 3-5 layers, after that cutting them from the cross-section by a rake, stirring well.

Under normal condition and temperature, jasmine flowers emit their fragrance 24 hours. While when scenting, flowers are pressed by tea, hindering the normal breathe which result in the vitality of flower weaken and the emitting time shorten to 12 hours. From the test and observation, after emitting for 5 hours, jasmine enters a thriving phase of emitting fragrance, when respiration increased, volatilization of perfumed oils accelerated, so during this time, flowers and tea must scent in time to avoid losing perfume to air. As a result, the key point of the scenting process lies in mastering the blooming degree, then quick scenting to ensure the tea buds can fully absorb the flower perfume.

After scenting 10-12 hours, the absorbing of tea buds at full saturation, the flowers and buds must be separated, otherwise, under the influence of water and heat, flowers would turn to yellow and cause the smell of alcohol, affecting the quality and flavor of flower tea. If the scenting is plentiful in number and it is too late to separate them, the pile must be spread and dried by a dryer so as to maintain the water content and roasted temperature of tea. After drying, a process of cooling should be needed through long time shipment or a wind machine, but the strong wind is forbidden lest the unnecessary perfume losing. After cooling, the temperature of tea should not exceed 40℃, in fact, the cooler the better.

Benefits of Jasmine Flower Tea

George Savours once said: “jasmine is always white, no matter at dusk, or at dawn.” The plain, neat jasmine is representative of deeply rooted romantic love in many countries, the jasmine flower tea scented by which letting a person fondle admiringly with its refreshing taste and silky faint fragrance. So what are the efficacies of jasmine flower tea?

1. Relaxing Mind

Jasmine contains a material which can volatilize oily substance to achieve the goal of softening dry feces, dissipating mass as well as ease abdominal distension. In general, it’s a perfect dietotherapy to relieve pain.

2. Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Jasmine has inhibitive effect on bacteria, suitable for both orally taking and external application to treat red eyes, sore diseases, skin ulcers, etc.

3. Cleaning Mouth Cavity

Jasmine flower tea contains fluorine, which has a close relationship with calcium on teeth, so they can form into apatite, difficult to soluble in acids. It works like a protective layer for teeth to improve acid-resistant and anti caries effects.

4. Preventing Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Jasmine flower tea also owns the function of relaxing tendon, removing the body cold, healthy for heart and liver.

5. Aiding Digestion

Jasmine tea can warm spleen and stomach, clean up visceras to help the digestive system works normally.

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It’s a blessing to drink good teas and own the ability to tasting them. Top quality Green tea together with jasmine becomes Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, full of flowers perfume but without flowers themselves. Both of them are the best choice to relax at leisure time, and no matter their fresh taste or the special appearances can add a splash of splendidness in four seasons.
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