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   60 Years of Brewing Fine Tea   
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Our Teas and Teaware:

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From the gentle refreshing aroma of green tea to the more complex flavours of puerhs, we aim to provide the finest  variety of tea for all sorts of reasons: to quench their thirst, to aid digestion, for health benefits and as a tool to explore life. All the teas are carefully selected after we went through hundreds of tea farms. We shortlist the ones which shock our perception of  tea to create the perfect menu we offer. By sipping, we hope people would feel like going through all those journeys with us. 

All the teawares are carefully selected and examined by us. We collaborate with many small private studios in Yixing & Jingdezhen (credits go to these artists for some of our products' photos). With our decades of experience in teawares hunting, only authentic teawares would be sold. In our teawares, you will find  simplicity, style and how they bring out the true beauty of tea.

Our Process

Making the Complex Simple

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(Plucking leaves)

Plucking tea leaves at the right moment, during the right season is an important first step



This helps reduce moisture and soften the tea leaves, which assists in the rolling and drying process.



Twisting and breaking the leaves to release natural juices and help activate enzymes that initiate oxidation.



It twists and breaks the leaves to release the natural juices. This action activates enzymes that help to initiate oxidation, also gives the leaves a curly appearance.


(Sun drying)

This step is responsible for creating many flavor compounds, while at the same time improving the tea’s appearance.



This is when the tea’s aroma, color, and flavor are formed. The longer the oxidation process, the darker the tea.



This denatures some enzymes to halt the oxidative browning of tea leaves. Simply put, it makes our tea taste better.



By removing excess water from withering, the tea further develops its unique color, smell, and taste.

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