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Yixing Zisha Fault Clay Plum Blossom Teacup


This teapot is fully handmade using zisha fault clay ( 段泥 ) on the outerlayer with purple clay as the inner layer. The surface features carved Plum Blossom.This zisha clay teacup would enhance the flavour of the tea liquid as the zisha teapots.


Fault clay is a symbiotic ore of Benshan green clay and purple clay. The mountain green mud and purple mud are the original ore of zisha. The meaning of symbiosis is naturally formed, and the nature of the two muds is consistent. The high quality of the segment clay teapot is that the purple clay particles are not very obvious. Because the sediment content of fault clay pot is particularly high, the pore structure is larger than other mud materials, so it is particularly easy to adsorb the color of the tea and this allows fault clay pot to absorb the impure odour of aged teas.

Yixing Zisha Fault Clay Plum Blossom Teacup

$41.00 Regular Price
$36.90Sale Price
  • Material : Zisha Clay ( Fault Clay : 段泥 , Purple Clay : 紫泥  )

    Diameter: 6 cm

    Height: 5.5 cm

    Volumn : 70 ml (80% filled)

    Teas to Match : Light roasted Oolongs , Raw Puerh , Aged & Fresh White & Green Teas.

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