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Kintsukuroi Gold Repair


It is heart breaking to have our favourite pottery broken, especially those which means a lot to us , carrying a story and memory behind. 


We have connected with a studio named "Tian Cai" in Jingdezhen which is specialised in "Kintsugi".

They have been practising Kintsukuroi for 40 years.


We offer Kintsugi service in a hope to bring a second life to the pottery. Sustain the memory and story behind.


Kintsugi Service starts from $USD 60 , exact pricing will be determined after sending a photo of the broken pottery to us. 


For reference (Reference prices are shown on photos above) : 

Broken Lid or Handle with 1 / 2 cracks or  portion loss : $60

Broken Cup with 1 / 2 cracks or portion loss  : $60

Broken Pot with 1 / 2 cracks or portion loss : $70


Detailed procedure is as below :


  1. Send a photo of the broken pottery to us via email for exact quotation.
  2. After the pricing is agreed , a link for payment will be sent to customer via email.
  3. Shipping to HK : Paid by Customer 
  4. Repaired by Artist (30-40 days (As the resin is required to dry in a low temperature & humid condition to achieve a better restoration quality). 
  5. Photos of the repaired item will be sent to customer for verification before sending back)
  6. Shipping back to Customer : Paid by Craftedleaf


( Please note : Craftedleaf will not be responsible for any loss during shipping )

Kintsukuroi Gold Repair

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