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Yixing Grey Clay MingChing Teapot


This teapot is fully handmade using zisha grey clay ( 青灰泥 ) and  fired at 1200 degrees celsius. features an elegant pear shape, as well as a “shark skin” texture on the surface.


This teapot holds approximately 130ml (+/- ml) and features a large multi-hole filter. This makes the teapot very suitable for solo sessions and gives it a relatively fast pour speed of 9 seconds while filtering out most small pieces of leaf.


Each teapot includes a certificate from the artist indicating the artist’s name, shape and clay composition. Please see our blog post for more information on Yixing clay and pots.


Zisha (‘purple sand’) describes the reddish-brown color of the sedimentary soil which settled in ancient lakes and is now buried deep underground. The clay is compressed under heavy sedimentary rock formations throughout the Yixing region, southwest of Shanghai, in China’s Jiangsu province. Huanglong Mountain near Dingshu township has been the source of high quality purple clay ore for centuries. The mountain itself is rather ordinary – neither grand or pretty – but it is 350 million years old.

These teapots are prized because their unglazed surfaces absorb traces of the beverage and develop a patina, which enhances the taste, color and aroma of fine tea.

Yixing Zisha Grey Clay MingChing Teapot (130ml)

SKU: TWP1009
$211.00 Regular Price
$189.90Sale Price
  • Material : Zisha Clay ( Grey Clay :  青灰泥 )

    Volumn : 130 ml


    Length: 10.5 cm
    Width: 6 cm 
    Height: 8 cm  


    Artist : 陳红珍 ( Chen Hong Zhen )


    Certificate : Available


    Date of Creation : 2018



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