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Jasmine Flower Tea – The Smell of Spring


The plain, neat jasmine is representative of deeply rooted romantic love in many countries, the jasmine flower tea scented by which letting a person fondle admiringly with its refreshing taste and silky faint fragrance.

Jasmine originates from ancient Rome. Tracing back to Han dynasty, jasmine spread into India through Maritime Silk Road and became the holy flower of Buddhism, by which firstly came into sight in China.

In Song dynasty, the wave of adding fragrance into tea swept the whole of China. Fragrance is health care product and medicine inducer in ancient culture, while tea was regarded as medicine to detoxify all kinds of diseases. At that time, there were scores of spice teas, however, over time many flowers were weeded out, after that only five or six flowers used, among which jasmine covered 96%, thus jasmine flower tea experienced a burst of popularity.

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