2003 Yiwu Gushu Bo He Tang Raw Puerh - Mint Pond

This Gushu Raw Puerh is made with premium leaves (Grade A-) picked in 2003 in Bo He Tang (薄荷塘) meaning Mint Pond, Yiwu,  Yunnan. The tea area in Bo He Tang is not large, and the age of the trees is very old and of about 8-10 meter tall. They are rare ancient tea tree in the Yiwu tea area. Picking these fresh leaves is extremely difficult, and the quantity is scarce.


This Mint Pond has a rich honey fragrance and mineral aroma and gives a hint of mint cooling after swallow. The mountain and wild tea Qi is strong, the sweetness fills the whole mouth, the body fluid is long-lasting and mellow.


Unlike Ban Zhang which gives big fragrance and strong taste  , this is a very delicate tea which gives a very complicated tranformation of taste.

2003 Yiwu Gushu Bo He Tang Raw Puerh - Mint Pond

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  • Origin: Ban Zhang Village (班章) , Yunnan


    Date of Pick: 2015 Spring


    Elevation : 1800m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: 1 bud : 1 / 2 leaf


    Taste: This tea displays a very very strong Qi , especially at the 5 th steeping. We almost got a tea drunk drinking it with a empty stomach. It has a very rich Ban Zhang signature note blending with the fruity fragrance and mineral notes at a very good balance. A very thick tea soup with will stick to the cup even leave the empty cup up side down.


    Net Weight : 380 g


    Tea Bush : Mengku large-leaf tea bush species (about 100 years old)


    Caffeine: Medium caffeine (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)