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2006 Frost Giant Leaf Liu Bao Hei Cha - Mistress


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This cake is handmade by local farmer in Quang Xi in 2006 with raw material harvested in 2005 winter where the leaves was about to be covered in frost. It is a few years younger than our 2001 Frost Giant Leaf Liu Bao Hei Cha - Mean Wife


After more than 1 decades of aging, It carries a great medicinal mineral note like Fine Aged white tea and with light camphor note blending with light floral and autumn leaf flavour. The bitterness comes along with the mineral note and followed by the sugary sweetness.


Here come with a brief history of Liu Bao (六堡), like Puerh is a fermented tea traditionally from Guangxi. It is fermented and dried in a long delicate process in preparation for further aging. Part of the process involves wet piling for several weeks to allow fermentation to take place. The degree of fermentation depends on the amount of time the tea is wet piled and can differ depending on the intended outcome.Guangxi province is located south of Yunnan, neighbouring Guangdong so features average daytime temperatures between 12 -22 degrees and humidity between 70 -85%. Perhaps perfect, with its short, mild winters, and long, very hot and humid summers for fermented tea production.


Liu Bao is definitely calmer on the stomach than any of the ripe or raw Puerh I’ve experienced. It is well known to warm the stomach which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a yang organ and therefore prone to yang deficiency where there isn’t enough heat to process and absorb the qi from the food or yin deficiency where there is insufficient fluid to hold, descend and transform the qi from food. Hence Liu Bao tea that does both in giving heat and fluid is perfect for more delicate stomach constitutions. These virtues are expressed in the Qing dynasty poem attributed to Cheng Yuandao


This tea is very intense (strong cha chi), a very short steeping is recommended. Phenolic compounds are very flavorful, as most tea connoisseurs will already know. The unique phenols in this Liu Bao perhaps gives it the well appreciated and unique taste profile that many people describe as sour cereal or woody herbal taste, classically though it is described as having a “betel nut” aroma/flavour. This unique flavour profile is like a black sheep among other teas. It is not everyone's cup of tea but if you fall into it , you will appreciate the unique experience it offers.



2006 Frost Giant Leaf Liu Bao Hei Cha - Mistress

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  • Origin: Guang Xi


    Date of Pick: 2006


    Elevation : 1000m


    Bud to Leaf Ratio: ~ 1 bud :  2 leaf


    Taste: After 1 decade of agining, It carries a great medicinal mineral note like Fine Aged white tea and with Strong bittersweet and each sip is like reading an old book through time.


    Net Weight : 150 g


    Tea Bush : Quang Xi large-leaf tea bush species


    Caffeine: Medium caffeine (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)

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