2008 Premium Fuding Aged White Tea (Shou Mei) 


The raw leaves for this white tea cake were picked in one of the core areas of white tea production in Waizha village, known locally as Chaitou Mountain. The net weight of the cake is 250g, which is considerably smaller and lighter when compared to the usual 357g white tea cakes, such as our 2008 Fuding Wild Tree Aged White Tea (Shou Mei) Cake and 2008 Fuding High Mountain Aged White Tea Cake. Because of this, it is very easy and convenient to carry regardless of where you are.


Upon drinking, the liquid is sweet, soft, and smooth, and carries a clear raisin and pekoe aroma. Texture is thick and the aftertaste is delightfully sweet.   if this tea is stored and left to age for longer periods of time, it will soon develop a mellower, richer taste.

2008 Premium Fuding Aged White Tea (Shou Mei) Cake

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