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Qinghua Bubble Eye Gold Fish Teacup


These porcelain Qinghua Bubble Eye Gold Fish teacups are fully handmade by an artisit in Jingdezhen. It is fully hand painted and then high-fired at 1330 degree Cel. This teacups is paper of ivory white glaze which you can see the light going directly through the cup,displaying a vivd , beautiful ubble eye gold fish swimming freely.


Since these cups are fully handmade, there are slight variation in glaze and size in each piece.


It comes in two patterns : 

-Bubble Eye

-Celestial Eye






Material: Kaolin clay


Diameter: 6cm
Height: 6 cm
Volume: 55 ml (80% filled)


Photos are property of our partnering studio

Qinghua Bubble Eye Gold Fish Teacup

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