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Bless of Golden Flower Tea (Boost Metabolism)


Chrysanthemums beneficial to help clear upper body heat particularly from the sinus, lungs and eye area. Dry, sore, itchy, bloodshot eyes will benefit from this flower along with eye strain from prolonged computer use. The eyes are the window to the liver and its the liver that also benefits from Chrysanthemums ability to cool, regulate and clear toxic heat. 


Chrysanthemums with hawthorn tea has many detoxifying and nourishing effects, such as spleen, digestion, heat, and lipid-lowering, promotes the metabolism rate in the body, consumes excess fat in the body and effectively lowers cholesterol in the body. It is a health tea that can be consumed on a daily basis.


From the selection of raw materials to packing, we have countless insistence on quality check, but the most valuable is that there is no addition at all, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no artificial flavors. Thank you for the blessings brought by the mother nature.

Bless of Golden Flower Tea (Boost Metabolism)

$1.50 Regular Price
$1.28Sale Price
  • Ingredients : Chrysanthemums , Hawthorn , Logan , Wolfberry , Fig


    Weight : 12 g / pack


    Health Benefit :  Boost Metabolism


    Caffeine Free 


    Not suitable for Pregnant Women

  • Teacup : 250ml


    Temperature : 90°C


    Quantity : 1 x pack


    Brewing Time : 2 - 3 mins


    Time of Infusion : 2 - 3 times

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