Blue Lava Jian Zhan Teacup​​​​​​


This Blue Lava Jian Zhan Teacup is produced by a small studio in Fujian.  it features the lightning blue lava flowing down the volcano mouth. When the tea pours in, the blue lightning becomes gold which will steal the spot light in the tea session. 


As these pieces are all handmade, each may vary slightly in terms of  pattern, size and dimensions.



Material: Purple Gold Clay
Height: 4.5 cm

Diameter: 10 cm

Volume: hold 120 ml ( ~100 ml when 80% filled)


Teas to Match : Light / Heavy roasted Oolongs , Raw & Ripe Puerh , Aged & Fresh White & Black Teas.

Blue Lava Jian Zhan Teacup

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