Metallic Glaze Coarse Clay Plate


This plate is fully handmade using well grinded Coarse Clay in Taiwan and covered in metallic glaze before woodfired at 1200 degree Cel. This gives a rough and shark skin sensation in hand. It's coarse clay nature would absorb tea impure flavor and gives a smooth and pleasant aromatic teas.


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Matching Gaiwan +Teacups : Metallic Glaze Coarse Clay Gaiwan

Matching Teapot : Metallic Glaze Coarse Clay Teapot


Plate :

Material : Coarse Clay

Diameter: 13.5 / 16.5 cm

Height: 2 / 2.5 cm



Metallic Glaze Coarse Clay Plate (Include Shipping for Bulky Item)

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