Spring Floral Blossom Tea Ball


These floral blossom tea balls are made of different high quality dried flowers & spring harvest jasmine scent white tea. They are compressed and make into a ball. Once dropped in hot water, the flower will bloom in just a minute. The jasmine fragrance and sweetness of the white tea makes it a treat to the taste bud !


This Floral Tea Ball will definitely delight friends at a tea party !!


It comes in 6 different styles :

(each tea ball weigh 8-10g)


-Rising Stars

-Rose Ballet

-Lotus Beauty

-Red Sea

-Crimson Scarf

-White Umbrella


Spring Floral Blossom Tea Ball

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  • Origin: China


    Date of Pick: 2021 Spring


    Net Weight ( 8 -10 g / Tea Ball )


    Caffeine: Nil


    Type of Flower :

    -Rose Bud

    -Crown Rose


    -Gold Chrysanthemum

    -Chrysanthemum Bud

    -Assorted Flowers





  • Teacup: 8.8oz / 500ml


    Temperature: 194°F / 90°C


    Quantity: 1 tea ball (8-10g)


    BrewingTime: 1 - 3 mins