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CraftedLeaf Floral Infusion Treatment Set


Flower teas can boosts the reviving function of our energies for the spring period. The fragrant aroma of flowers help stimulate the opening of the sense organs to the sights, sounds and smells of the coming spring or the new day. 


They offer several benefits such as preventing cancer and chronic diseases, detoxifying the body and aiding in good digestion, protect the skin against signs of aging and regenerate new skin cells… etc.

Just recently, we introduced a new range of caffeine-free premium organic floral teas


Redartful Plum (Whitening) x 1 pack

Lily Rose (Skin Beauty) x 1 pack

Gauva Wolfberry (Antioxidant) x 1 pack

Roselle Black Wolfberry (Detoxification) x 1 pack

Bless of Golden Flower (Boost Metabolism) x 1 pack

Hearts in Atlantis (Internal Balance) x 1 pack

Lavender Eden (Alleviate Stress) x 1 pack


Start the day with Floral Infusion Set to activate the positive emotions.

CraftedLeaf Floral Infusion Treatment Set

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price
  • Ingredient: Various selected flowers , berries & herbs


    Weight: ~Net 12 g / pack


    Health Benefits :  A floral infusion treatment refreshing the body inside out.


    Caffeine : Nil


    Not suitable for Pregnant Women

  • Teacup : 250ml


    Temperature : 90°C


    Quantity : 1 x pack


    Brewing Time : 2 - 3 mins


    Time of Infusion : 2 - 3 times