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Crater Lake GongFu Brew Set


This Crater Lake GongFu Brew Set​​​​​​​ allows you to brew whichout worrying about all the steps of Gongfu Style but giving the same joy. What you need is press and sip!!


Step 1 : Rinse the glass bulb and place on the rack.

Step 2 : Put the tea leaves in the gaiwan and fill with hot water

Step 3 : Place the faircup underneath 

Step 4 : Press the button and the tea will come down into the faircup.

Step 5 : Enjoy and happy sipping !!


It matches very well with our Japanese Bamboo Tea Storage Bottle , which you can bring your precious tea along with ease.


Glass bulb:

Volumn : 1000 ml (800ml if 80% filled)



Volume: 600 ml (480ml if 80% filled)


Whole Set Size : 
Height: 31.5 cm
Width : 14.5 cm

Crater Lake GongFu Brew Set

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