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Moon Light Moon Cake Gift Set


This year we can finally launch our Mid Autumn Festival Gift Set !!

We collabrate with a moon cake bakery name "Moon Rabit" in Yunnan.  They are very famous for their lava mooncakes which the stuff inside is semi fluid. When you give it a bite , the stuff will flow out like lava and the intense flavor would burst out in your mouth.


At this moment, having a sip of premium loose leaf tea would intensify the richness of the lava stuff.


We created a delux moon cake tea gift which comprising moon cakes x 6


6 Flavours Moon Cakes Available :

- Mango

- Peach

- Strawberry

- Chocolate

- Matcha

- Egg Yolk Cream

Moon Light Moon Cake Gift Set

SKU: tset002
$65.00 Regular Price
$48.75Sale Price
  • Ingredients : Flour , lotus seed paste , Fruit Paste , Sugar , Peanut Oil , Egg Yolk


    Pack Size : 60 g / moon cake


    Shelf Life : 90 days (room temperature, avoid direct sunlight)


    Packing : Individually packed , air tight

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