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Diamond Granite Gaiwan


These Diamond Granite Gaiwans are fully handmade with dragon spring style and wood fired at 1350 degree Celcius by studio Canvas in Jingdezhen. They are made of purple gold clay (which is the unique clay found in dragon spring city) with a colorful kiln change glaze resembling the beautiful glossy granite diamond which is the master piece done by the wood fire.


The matching teacup : Diamond Granite Teacup


As these pieces are all handmade, each may vary slightly in terms of  pattern, size and dimensions.


Material: Purple Gold Clay
Height: 10 cm

Diameter: 10 cm

Volume: hold 160 ml ( ~130 ml when 80% filled)

Diamond Granite Gaiwan (130ml)

SKU: twg114
$67.00 Regular Price
$60.30Sale Price

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