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Dragon Spring Celadon Cha Dao Set


This Dragon Spring Celadon Cha Dao Set is handmade by "Icebreak" studio we met in Jingdezhen. They are specialised in grand crackled Celadon teaware. We will have a whole category introducing their products. This gaiwan is high-fired at 1350 degree Cel.


The set is depicting the ancient dragon spring rising up. It is covered in a  glaze resembles the antique dark green color. The cracks are as if the scales armour covering.


It comes in a wonderful set with our Dragon Spring Celadon Gaiwan


2 different colors are avalaible, each set contains (as shown in photos above):


- antique dark green

- antique fall yellow


1 x cha ze/tea scoop,

1 x tea needle,

1 x tea spoon for pushing tea and

1 x pair of clips for picking up and moving cups.


Dragon Spring Celadon Cha Dao Set

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$32.40Sale Price

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