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Exquisite Bamboo Tea Set Storage Rack


Thinking of how to display your lovely collection? This Exquisite Bamboo Tea Set Storage Rack is  our favorite set which our teapots call home. It comprises of 4 bamboo square rings and is fully handmade with bamboo in Yunnan. This storage rack can be transformed into different style up to your preferece.

Size of 4 Bamboo Square Rings : 

L x W x H

25 x 10 x 36

21 x 10 x 31

17 x 10 x 28

6 x 10 25


Shipping Duration (Covering USA, Canada , Most Europe)

Sea : 30-40 Business Days 

Air : 7-10 Business Days


Exquisite Bamboo Tea Set Storage Rack​​​​​​​ ( Include Shipping for Bulky Item )

SKU: twacc034
$84.00 Regular Price
$75.60Sale Price