Glass Flower Gaiwan


These Glass Flower Gaiwan is handmade with refined coarse clay with crackles and qinghua painting on the cover. It is a gaiwan combining the 3 main styles, coarse clay, crackles and  qinghua.


The qinghua flower painting under the crackles as if a beautiful glass flower in the dessert as the coarse clay as the background color.


Each pieces is fully handmade, there will be slight variation in terms of glaze pattern, painting detail, shape & size



Material: Coarse Clay
Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 9.5 cm
Volume: holds 150 ml ( 120 ml when 80 % filled )

Coaster :13.5 cm



Material: Jade Clay
Height: 3.5 cm
Diameter: 6 cm
Volume: holds 50 ml ( 40 ml when 80 % filled )


Glass Flower Gaiwan (150ml)

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