Golden Imperial Blue Gaiwan ( 130 ml )


Each of these gaiwans was produced by the  artist we met in Jingdezhen.


The gaiwan is created with the inspiration from chinese imperial family clothings.  It features a chinese royal blue coloured , half glaze with Golden Ring and hand painted Silk Flower.


While these gaiwans retain the same balanced feel in the hands and shape. This batch of gaiwans are made from a finer white clay(瓷), more similar to porcelain. This results in a smoother overall appearance without any iron spots or carbon trappings.


Material: Kaolin clay
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 10.5 cm
Volume: holds 130 ml ( ~110 when 80 % filled )

Gaiwan Coaster:
Diameter: 16 cm


Golden Imperial Blue Gaiwan (130 ml)

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