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GongFu Tea Master Gaiwan Set


This GongFu Tea Master Gaiwan Set allows you to brew whichout worrying about all the steps of Gongfu Style. What you need is push and sip!!


Step 1 : Rinse the gaiwan and place on the rack.

Step 2 : Put the tea leaves in the gaiwan and fill with hot water

Step 3 : Place the faircup underneath the gaiwan with the tip of the handle touching the base of the the gaiwan (the magnet in the handle will open the valve)

Step 4 : The tea will come down into the faircup.

Step 5 : Enjoy and happy sipping !!


It matches very well with our Japanese Bamboo Tea Storage Bottle , which you can bring your precious tea along with ease.


It comes in 2 gaiwan styles


Gaiwan Style : Dome / Pillar

Volumn : 180 ml (150ml if 80% filled)



Volume: 220 ml (180ml if 80% filled)


Whole Set Size : 
Height: 22 cm
Width : 16 cm



GongFu Tea Master Gaiwan Set

$76.00 Regular Price
$68.40Sale Price

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