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Dragonwell Sponge Cake


We collabrate with a moon cake bakery name "Moon Rabit" in Yunnan.  They are very famous for their lava mooncakes which the stuff inside is semi fluid. They use Spring Dragonwell to create this Dragonwell Sponge Cake.


Its major ingredients are Dragonwell tea powder and Green Bean paste. The elegant floral and the rich nutties of the dragonwell will burst in your mouth and followed by the green bean paste sweetness. You will be surprised by the late coming bittersweetness of the dragonwell.


A gift set of 10 is available !!

Dragonwell Sponge Cake

SKU: fd007
$11.00 Regular Price
$8.25Sale Price
  • Ingredients : Flour , Gree Bean , Dragonwell , Sugar , Peanut Oil , Salt , Spring Water


    Pack Size : 25g / cake (indvidually packed)


    Shelf Life : 90 days (room temperature, avoid direct sunlight)


    Packing : Individually packed , air tight

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