Handmade Wood Incense (Stright & Spiral)


This Handmade Wood Incense  is made by a studio in Yunnan named "Cloud". They have been handmaking incense for over 180 years. All the ingredients are handmade with well grinded wood and herbs. Each types of incense serves an unique purpse as indicated below.


It comes in 7 fragrances & 2 shapes:


Straight : each last for 45 mins

Spiral : each last for 120 mins


-Yunnan Agarwood (Elegant & Gentle Gragrance, Treat Insomnia)

-Tibetan Wood (Soothing for Meditation)

-Thai Agarwood (Strong fragrance , Offering to Buddha)

-Indian Chandan (Milky fragarance)

-Hillan Agarwood (Light and gentle , Tea Gathering)

-Bulnesia Wood (Yoga Exercise)

-Thuja Wood (Elegant Pinewood)


Handmade Yunnan Agarwood Incense (Straight & Spiral)

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