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Japanese Style Glass Pot Heater


The Japanese style glass pot heater is made of absolute precision combining with the simiplicity concept. The flawless glass pot heater allows you to enjoy the dance both flame and the tea leaves at the same time. The heater is powered by alcohol. It works well with both glass or clay pots.


It can be used in combination with our beautiful Ti Liang (Lifting Beam) Glass Pot as shown above.


Glass Heater:

Diameter: 15 cm

Height: 12 cm


Ti Liang (Lifting Beam) Glass Pot:
Height: 12.5 cm
Diameter: 9.5 cm

Length: 12.5 cm
Volume: ~200 ml (80% filled)


Japanese Style Glass Pot Heater

SKU: twacc013
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$50.40Sale Price

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