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This Lily Gaiwan is handpainted and features a “nihui” style engraving that includes the vein marks of the flowers. This style of design is achieved by adding small amounts of clay to the surface of the gaiwan and then hand-sculpting the artwork before high-fired at 1330 degree Cel. 


The gaiwan features the purple Lily which symbolises the passion in love and romance. Each gaiwan holds approximately 150ml of liquid, making it flexible for solo session or sharing between 2-3 people. The wide opening gives a very smooth and quick pouring making this hot Loquat unlikely to burn your hand.


While these gaiwans retain the same balanced feel in the hands and shape. This batch of gaiwans are made from a finer white clay(瓷), more similar to porcelain. This results in a smoother overall appearance without any iron spots or carbon trappings.


Material: Kaolin clay
Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 10 cm
Volume: holds 150 ml ( ~ 120 ml when 80 % filled )

Gaiwan Coaster:
Diameter: 11 cm

Lost in Romance Lily Gaiwan (150 ml)

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