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Marsh Mellow Peony Gaiwan (130ml)


These Marsh Mellow Peony Gaiwans are fully handmade with “nihui” style engraving that includes the vein marks of the flowers. This style of design is achieved by adding small amounts of clay to the surface of the gaiwan and then hand-sculpting the artwork before high-fired at 1330 degree Cel. 


The gaiwan features the blooming of peony which symbolises the passion in love and romance. It makes a beautiful romantic floral tea set with our 


Since these cups are fully handmade, there are slight variation in glaze and size in each piece.


Material: Kaolin clay


Diameter:  10 cm
Height: 8.5 cm
Volume: 130 ml

Marsh Mellow Peony Gaiwan (130ml)

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