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Ocean Shore Teacup


These Ocean Shore Teacups are handmade by studio in Jingdezhen. They are handpainted and high fired at 1330 degree Cel. before sealed up in glaze.


The teacups features seagulls venturing over the angry sea before they return to shore with the comfort food.  It is covered in a glaze with silky smooth surface. It makes a perfect set with our Ocean Shore Gaiwans.


As these pieces are all handmade, each may vary slightly in terms of  pattern, size and dimensions. Each fair cup holds a volumn approximately 50ml.

Height: 4 cm

Diameter: 5.5 cm

Volume: hold 50 ml (80% filled)

Ocean Shore Teacup

SKU: twc040
$24.00 Regular Price
$21.60Sale Price