Premium Glass Tea Capsule


Having problem about how to storing your tea during travel ? ThesePremium Glass Tea Capsule can be a handy solution for tea parties or for traveling. 


It is fully handmade with high quality Japanese Glass and can be tightly sealed which prevent moisture from reaching the cake. It is designed to store small and compact loose leaves , for example:


- 30 g x  Rolled Pearl shaped oolongs (tieguanyin, dongding, alishan)


- 15 g x Rolled Stripe shaped oolongs (rock teas, dancongs)


- 25 g x Black teas (lapsang souchong, jin jun mei etc)


- 30 g / 15 g x Puerhs Loose leaf ( Ripe / Raw)


- 20 g x Green (longjing, biluochun, maojian etc)


- 20 g x Teacake


Material: Transparent / Translucent Glass



W: 7.7cm x H: 5.7cm


Premium Glass Tea Capsule

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