Qinghua Peach & Pomegranate Gaiwans (150 ml)


These Qinghua Peach & Pomegranate Gaiwans (150 ml) comes in two patterns: Peach / Pomegranate. It is made of high quality Kaolin clay and painted with signature chinese blue & cherry pink. It is high fired at 1310 degree Celsius. That results in a beautiful glossy glazed sealing the paint.


Each pieces is fully handmade, there will be slight variation in terms of glaze pattern, painting detail, shape & size


Material: Kaolin Clay
Height: 8.5 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Volume: holds 150 ml ( ~120ml when 80 % filled )

Coaster : 10 cm

Qinhua Peach & Pomegranate Gaiwans (150 ml)

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