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Rainbow Tea Capsules


Having problem about how to storing your tea during travel or want to send a tea gift to your tea friends? These Tea Capsules can be a handy solution for tea parties or for traveling. Grab a tea capsule and start your tea journey!


It is made of aluminium and can be tightly sealed which prevent moisture from reaching the cake.It comes in 6 different colors and is designed to store small and compact loose leaves , for example:


- 30 - 50 g x  Rolled Pearl shaped oolongs (tieguanyin, dongding, alishan)


- 30 g x Rolled Stripe shaped oolongs (rock teas, dancongs)


- 30 - 50 g x Black teas (lapsang souchong, jin jun mei etc)


- 50g / 30 g x Puerhs Loose leaf ( Ripe / Raw)


- 30 - 50 g x Green (longjing, biluochun, maojian etc)


- 30 - 50 g x Teacake


Material: Aluminium



W: 8.5cm x H: 8.5cm


Rainbow Tea Capsules

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