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Roselle Black Wolfberry Tea ( Detoxification )


The medicinal value of Roselle : 


Roselle is a natural pigment source, a food ingredient, and a medicinal herb. It is rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamin C, a large number of natural pigments, calcium and magnesium nutrients and trace elements of iron, manganese and zinc. It has the functions of relieving fatigue, skin care, nourishing blood, preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It shows great efficacy in detoxification and obviously slimming the body. Used in conjunction with roses, the weight loss effect is more prominent.


Black wolfberry can nourish blood and soothe the nerves, improve sleep, and prevent the early formation of wrinkles. It is the most effective antioxidant in nature. It not only prevents the early formation of wrinkles, but also supplements nutrients and eliminates harmful free radicals in the body.


From the selection of raw materials to packing, we have countless insistence on quality check, but the most valuable is that there is no addition at all, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no artificial flavors. Thank you for the blessings brought by the mother nature.

Roselle Black Wolfberry Tea (Detoxification)

$1.50 Regular Price
$1.28Sale Price
  • Ingredients :  Roselle , Rose , Black Wolfberry , Wolfberry , Crystal Sugar


    Weight : 12 g / pack


    Health Benefit :  Whitening


    Caffeine Free 


    Not suitable for Pregnant Women

  • Teacup : 250ml


    Temperature : 90°C


    Quantity : 1 x pack


    Brewing Time : 2 - 3 mins


    Time of Infusion : 2 - 3 times

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