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Simple Bamboo Puerh Cake Case


We are so happy to find this bamboo basket. This is widely used in Yunnan which people use as gift box for their puerh cakes. This is designed to store 1 or 2 piece at a time. Now, we have a better place for our precious tea cakes. 


If you are looking for a bamboo storage for a tong of cakes, you can visit our Jumbo Bamboo Puerh Cake Basket.



Material: Bamboo

Diameter: 22 cm

Height : 5.5 cm / 7 cm


1 x 357 g tea cake / 2 x 357 g tea cake

1 x 250 g tea cake

1 x 200 g tea cake 

Simple Bamboo Puerh Cake Case

SKU: twacc019
$11.00 Regular Price
$8.80Sale Price