Spring Harvest Premium Chrysanthemum Bud


These Spring Harvest Premium Chrysanthemum Bud is of Top Quality dried Chrysanthemum Buds. Some Tea Friends maybe curious why not having the fully bloomed Chrysanthemum instead. It is because the Bud carries no bitter taste and gives a very lovely honey sweet and strong chrysantehmum fragrance. It is very popular among children due to it lovey sweetness and caffeine free. It is perfect to have a cold brew chrysanthemum tea in the hot summer. 


Even a small sip of this chrysanthemum bud would definitely cheer you up and help easing the stress! It contains no caffeine which will not affect sleeping. It is particular useful in easing the discomfort after having oily food and it is very useful in lowering blood glucose level.  Having this tea with some food along would be recommended.


It can be serves alone as tea or you can simply include it into recipe of many kinds of dessert ! It goes very well with different kinds of teas !


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Spring Harvest Premium Chrysanthemum Bud

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