Spring Harvest Premium Jasmine Flower


These Spring Harvest Premium Chrysanthemum Bud is of Top Quality dried Jasmine flowers. We have tried many jasmine scented teas such as jasmine green, jasmine pearl etc. Here we would like to introduce the Eccense of these teas : Jasmine Flower


A small sip of this jasmine would definitely make your day! It contains no caffeine which will not affect sleeping. It is particular useful in easing the stressed nerve and bring you to a relaced state.


It creates many jasmine scented teas :


Spring Premium Jasmine Silver Bud - Snow Flake

Spring Premium Jasmine Pearl - Silver Ball

Spring Jasmine Nuer Huan - Snow Ring




Spring Harvest Premium Jasmine Flower

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  • Origin: Hang Zhou , China


    Date of Pick: 2021 Spring


    Caffeine: Nil

  • Teacup: 8.8oz / 500ml


    Temperature: 194°F / 90°C


    Quantity: 1 tea ball (8-10g)


    BrewingTime: 1 - 3 mins